We supply a range of Trombones designed with the student in mind, from straight Bb Tenor trombones to tenors with a F attachment, and even larger Bass trombones with additional valves. 

Our trombones are made of quality yellow brass, a material that has excellent sonic capabilities, is extremely durable and has high impact strength to resist dents and damage, yet is still lightweight and easy to manoeuvre for younger players.

Lyndon Music Trombone


Our standard student tenor trombone comes with a 7B mouthpiece and consists of a .500" bore and 8" bell. Our trombones are finished in an attractive polished gold and/or silver lacquer making them look like more expensive instruments many times their price.

These materials and craftsmanship results in an instrument that produces a pleasant, consistent tone, with a smooth slide mechanism that is very easy to play and much more reliable than cheaper instruments made from inferior materials such as plastic. This encourages learning and skill development, making learning the trombone a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience. 

Each of our trombones is supplied with valve oil and cleaning cloth in a sturdy hard case.