We have two series of instruments in our clarinet range, the Cadenza and the Mezzo. Each series offers excellent quality and value for money and has been designed with the student in mind. 

Lyndon Music - Student playing clarinet


Like many other woodwind instruments, clarinets are mechanically based instruments containing a number of component parts, including the body itself, keywork mechanisms, mouthpiece, ligature and reeds. If the quality of design, materials or construction is poor, then the clarinet will be much more difficult to play and the sound will be compromised, which will eventually discourage the student from playing.


Student clarinets are typically made of non-timber synthetic materials which are more affordable than wooden instruments. Our clarinets are made from good quality ABS resin that has excellent sonic capabilities, is extremely durable and has higher impact strength than ordinary plastic. Our Cadenza model clarinet is finished with an attractive brush effect to make it appear like black wood. 

Lyndon Music Clarinet


All our clarinets are equipped with strong, hard wearing metal keywork mechanisms that are carefully assembled to ensure that they will function properly and withstand many hours of regular use without breaking or requiring replacement.

These materials and craftsmanship results in an instrument that produces a pleasant, consistent tone, is very easy to play and much more reliable than cheaper instruments made from inferior materials such as plastic. This encourages learning and skill development, making learning the clarinet a much more enjoyable and rewarding experience. 

Reeds also have a significant impact on the quality of sound produced by a clarinet and require regular replacement as they become chipped and worn. Each of our clarinets come with a set of 3 quality Rico reeds to maximise the playability and tone of your instrument. We also provide a polishing cloth for cleaning the clarinet and reducing the wearing effects of oil and grime on the keys and finish. Also included is a sturdy, plastic hard case to keep your instrument well protected and secure when stored or transported.

Every clarinet we sell is professionally adjusted and set up in Australia so it is ready to play straight out of the case upon delivery.  If you have any questions regarding our range or to discuss pricing, please contact us here.