Our Approach

At Lyndon Music we are passionate about putting the right instruments in the hands of students and making them available at the best possible price.

Lyndon Music - Students


We believe that the right instrument is one that contains the features and attributes that students need and not those they don't need. We recognise that students that are just starting out on their musical journey have very different needs to advanced and professional musicians. Some students progress quickly to more expensive, higher level instruments, whilst others may struggle to progress and stop learning altogether. Our goal is to provide instruments that are affordable, accessible and easy and enjoyable to play which will help students progress more quickly, and in doing so, encourage them to continue playing.

We believe the most important factors to consider when choosing a student instrument are:

  • Playability (how easy it is to play);
  • Tone (how it sounds);
  • Tuneability (how easy it is to tune and stay in tune);
  • Durability (how long it will last); and 
  • Price (of course!)
Lyndon Music Cello pegs and scroll

    Each of these factors will be shaped by the nature and quality of the materials and the skill and care with which the components are constructed and put together.  Our range of instruments are designed to balance each of the above factors and meet the needs of Australian students.

    This approach can be seen in our entire range of instruments including:


    Lyndon Music clarinet keys